Coach owens' Bio Page

John Owens

A CIF Championship for Coach Owens! The kids worked hard to give him the best retirement gift, ever!


L to R: Coach Milich, Coach Calentino and Coach Owens

at the OCWCA Awards Dinner 2005


Coach Owens with Isaac Leland ... it was a year to be remembered!


Coach Owens in Bahia de Los Angeles 2007

Varsity Assistant: (John Owens)
John Owens

Wife: Mercedes 
Daughters: Kristina, Jennifer, Elizabeth 
Grandchildren: Sierra, Brittany, Cheyenne, Annabelle, Alex

AA-L.A. Pierce College B.A. Cal State Northridge, M.A. Cal State Los Angeles

Courses taught:
Retired, taught Physical Education, History, Social Studies, Typing, Drivers’ Training and Drivers’ Education

Years Coaching Wrestling:
San Clemente High School 1975-present
Other schools-
Canoga Park H.S., L.A. Pierce College, California Correctional Institution @
Tehachapi, Simi Valley H.S., California Lutheran College, Valley View Jr. High

Years Officiating Wrestling:

Years of coaching sports other than wrestling:
Track-1 year, Football-1 year, Badminton-1 year, Girls' Gymnastics 5 years , Athletic
Director 1 year.

Athletic experience:
Track 6 years plus college intramurals, football 3 years, crosscountry 1 year.
Wrestling 1.5 years high school, 4 years college, several years after college,
including senior Olympics several years.

Wrestling, fly fishing, fly tying, backpacking, coaching, playing with grandkids.